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The Colour Crew

About The Colour Crew

At The Colour Crew, we are passionate about delivering exceptional wholesale paint and coating solutions. Our team of experts are dedicated to enhancing the aesthetics of spaces, providing our esteemed consumers with the highest quality surface coatings and services. 

The Colour Crew

Introduction & Background Information

Established in 2023, The Colour Crew (PVT) Ltd. is an enterprising wholesale paint company headquartered in Zimbabwe. We proudly serve as an official distributors for Prominent Paints and Stevenson's FAST range of products, reinforcing our esteemed position in the industry. Collaborating seamlessly with Prominent, our industry partner, we focus especially on significant special projects. This close collaboration ensures our ability to provide the correct paint system tailored to the unique requirements of each project. Committed to delivering impeccable surface coatings and services, we leverage cutting-edge paint technologies and innovations to enhance the aesthetics of spaces for our valued consumers. Our dynamic and forward-thinking approach aligns our business strategies with the ever-evolving industry landscape, allowing us to provide visually captivating decorative and enduring protective coatings.



At The Colour Crew, our mission is two-fold:


To offer an extensive selection of premium decorative coatings and surface solutions, elevating our clients' spaces to new levels of allure and distinction.


To cater to the diverse requirements of various sectors, including housing developers, contractors, the civil and mining sectors and special projects, by providing unparalleled paint products and technical painting expertise and quality services.


Our vision at The Colour Crew is to emerge as the unrivaled leader in supplying decorative and protective coatings in Zimbabwe. By exclusively representing distinguished brands, we aspire to be at the forefront of industry innovation, delivering unparalleled paint solutions and services with unwavering commitment to customer centricity.


We understand that every customer is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of customizable options to meet the specific needs of every project. From high-end residential to commercial applications, we have the expertise and resources to exceed your expectations and bring your vision to life.


Company Overview

The Colour Crew provides an extensive array of products from Prominent Paints and Stevenson's Fast™ Range, as well as services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers. 
Our offerings include:

Colour Tinting Services:

The Colour Crew proudly offers tinting services featuring an extensive palette of over 3000 colors for customers to choose from.


Superlative Decorative Coatings:

We present a premium selection of decorative paints, textures, and finishes, designed to infuse spaces with exceptional charm and character.


Unyielding Protective Coatings:

Our high-quality protective paints are meticulously engineered to strengthen various surfaces, ensuring longevity and resilience.


Quality Painting Accessories:

Complementing our extensive range of decorative and protective coatings, we provide a curated collection of top-notch painting accessories. From brushes and rollers to masking tapes and primers, our accessories are crafted to enhance the painting experience and achieve professional-quality results.


Free Consulting Services:

We conduct complimentary site visits and offer consultations covering various aspects, including decorative, aesthetic, and technical considerations of the products to be used.


Technical Painting Services:

Our team of highly qualified and accredited painters delivers painting services for a diverse range of projects, including prestigious hotel inaugurations, franchise store refurbishments, road marking applications, and more.


Value Proposition

Customized Paint Systems with Unique Designs:

At the core of our value proposition is the commitment to delivering paint solutions through specially designed paint systems tailored to the unique characteristics of each client's substrate. As a distributor we closely collaborate with the manufacturing company, particularly on significant special projects, to ensure the selection of the appropriate paint system for each undertaking. Our highly skilled and qualified technical team generates a comprehensive Technical Specification Document that delineates the current conditions of a construction project and proposes necessary remedies. This document holds legal significance, serving as a testament to our confidence in the technical prowess of our products, reinforced by guarantees. Both The Colour Crew and the manufacturer, Prominent Paints, endorse the document, which contains the stipulated guarantees.


Community Initiatives:

The Colour Crew actively engages in community initiatives, conducting special campaigns for schools and disadvantaged communities. Specially designed paint drives are executed to support schools requiring maintenance or renovations, involving contributions from alumni and parents.


Training Programs:

As part of our commitment to excellence, The Colour Crew prioritizes extensive training. Our training initiatives focus on equipping in-house painters and independent contractors with essential knowledge, covering areas such as paint terminology, comprehensive product knowledge (including the entire Prominent Paints range), and effective painting and substrate preparation techniques. These training modules, conducted over three days, are facilitated in collaboration with the training team from Prominent Paints SA, and successful candidates receive certificates upon completion.

The Colour Crew
The Colour Crew

Target Market


The Colour Crew caters to a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, encompassing:

  • Discerning Housing Developers

  • Reputable contractors

  • Civil Works e.g., Bridges, Road Infrastructure

  • Visionary mining sectors

  • Schools - New builds and Renovations

  • Special Projects e.g., Hotels, Churches, Hospitals


Key Customers:

Our relentless pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction has culminated in strong relationships with prominent clients across various industries. Among our key clientele are renowned housing developers, eminent contractors and influential players in the mining sector.

Quality Standards


Quality Control Measures:

At The Colour Crew, we hold the highest reverence for consistent product excellence and service delivery. Our stringent quality control measures ensure every batch of paint undergoes rigorous testing and inspection. Our unswerving dedication to exceeding the expectations of our customers and stakeholders on quality is unwavering.




The Colour Crew (Zimbabwe) stands resolutely as a young and dynamic wholesale paint company, poised to revolutionize the industry through unwavering commitment to innovation, quality excellence, and exceptional customer service. Representing distinguished brands and catering to diverse sectors, our vision is to emerge as the premier supplier of decorative and protective coatings in Zimbabwe.


Empowered by a dedicated team, an unmatched product assortment, and a steadfast pledge to sustainable practices, we are poised to create inspiring environments and etch an indelible mark on the communities we serve.

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