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Prominent Premium Non-Drip Enamel

Prominent Premium Non-Drip Enamel

Prominent Paints Premium Non drip enamel is a high quality, alkyd based thixotropic gel that is scratch resistant, stain resistant & easy to keep clean. Due to its non-drip property, it is easy to apply & dries to a luxurious sheen finish. It is ideal for bathrooms & kitchens as it is water & steam resistant & can also be used on interior walls, ceilings, wood, metal & gypsum board.


Products Applications:

Bathrooms (Interior), Kitchens (Interior), Ceilings (Interior),  Trims (Interior),  Walls (Interior),  Wood (Interior), & Interior



Prominent Premium Non-Drip Enamel is available white & clear tint base in the following pack sizes: 1lt & 5lt

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